Life Insurance

We offer over 10 different life insurance plans for your unique needs. From low cost Term Life to cash value Universal Life we have what it takes to get the job done.

At Brya Insurance we start with the basics, and help you build a plan from there. When it comes to life insurance, most people don’t plan to fail…we just fail to plan.

We have changed the purchasing of life insurance to a comprehensive and painless experience. This is a subject most people avoid, but it is probably the largest single event that will affect a family.

So where do you start?

First you have to identify your needs. Why do you need life insurance?

Expenses incurred from dying. Most of the time we do not just die. Usually we will be kept alive for some period of time before we die. As we all know the expenses mount very quickly. Such expenses may include: Hospital Bills, Ambulatory Bills, Physician and Surgeon Fees, Funeral Home,  Mortuary Bills, and Cemetery Bills.

Current commitments such as: Income Replacement, Home Mortgage, Business Loans, Car Loans, Credit Card Balances.

Future commitments like: Children’s Education Fund, Spouse’s Retirement, Estate Creation – helps when you want to “even out” your estate for your heirs, and the biggest one of all ESTATE TAXES.

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